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minority in Mahdi's coalition government. Mamyneau, Louis Alexandre (b. MacLehose MacLehose of Beoch, (Crawford) Murray MacLehose, Baron (b. After the dismissal, he went into exile in Egypt where he set up the Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen with Nasser's backing. 6, 2003, Mantsonyane, Thaba-Tseka district, Lesotho regent of Lesotho (1970, 1990, 1996). Defeated after the second ballot, she threw her support behind Joe Clark, the eventual winner. He was also vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the cdpc.

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1952, Touba département, Ivory Coast now Côte d'Ivoire foreign minister of Côte d'Ivoire (2003-06). He became the country's second Jewish president (after Juan Lindo in 1847-52). This constitution was abrogated at the Second Partition of Poland in 1792. A witty and eloquent diplomat, he was dubbed "Kantjil" (in Indonesian folktale a small and graceful deer which uses its agility and quick wit to escape dangerous situations) by those who recognized his shrewd political manoeuvres. April 18, 2014, Barcelona, Spain acting co-prince of Andorra (1969-71 in his capacity as apostolic administrator of Urgel during a vacancy of the see. He occupied civil-service positions in the administration of Tofilau Eti Alesana, founder of the Human Rights Protection Party (hrpp).

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