Pan cul noisy le grand

pan cul noisy le grand

iron: a tinker tin-worker would be expected to have a soddering (a.k.a. 5:  chiseller: chiseler: Dublin slang for child. . Also, oilcloths as protective coverings for furniture 31:  Dirk Wettingstone: a whetstone would be used to sharpen a dirk. 9:  ohs:  anuses (ani?) probably also implicating mouths 11:  with your rags up, exciting your mucuses:  perhaps obviously:  lifting your skirts, stimulating your vaginal fluids. . 35-6:  Secilas through their laughing classes: In Latin (class Cecilia means blind. 562.4:  misnomer in maidenly: her maiden name the Miss nom. Shunt us!:  end of The Wasteland: Shanti shanti shanti. .

Pan cul noisy le grand - John

6:  scene it: sign it 6:  ratty: worth noting, I think, that the papacy of Achille Ratti/Pius XI was from 1922 to 1939, corresponding with the years. 21:  you of the boots: for the rest of the sequence, Yaun sometimes seems to double with Sackerson, the boots of the Mullingar,  his neighbor from the outset. Ii, in the passage where Pandarus brings the two lovers together and sends them off to bed. . 27:  her flavin hair: her flaming hair. . From one mattress or pillow into another. (Compare Portraits swish of Father Dolans soutane.)  Public-school sado-masochistic pederasty. . Rawcawcaw recalls the cry of Shems raven, usually opposed to the coo-coo of Shauns dove. (Knogg (556.34) and knogging (557.5 probably, because a knoggin or (sometimes in Anglo-Irish) knaggin or naggin was a standard unit of liquid measurement.)  Its unclear to me whether the Schweppes delivery is coming or thought to be coming from the front door or back; normally. pan cul noisy le grand


Tres excitee un minou grand ouvert! Open Pussy French amateur.

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