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in the Merovingian times, plagiarism of popular sacred texts was the rule; the original material was supplemented with a few, often stereotypical details. The arms are also used, in a different setting, by Woluwe-Saint-Pierre / Sint-Pieters-Woluwe although this is not reflected in the choice of municipal colours. The text was written between 742 and 743; therefore, the author could not have met Lambert personally but met some of his contemporaries. The foes entered the house and killed everybody there; one of them climbed on the roof, removed tiles, discovered the bishop praying in his room and killed him with his javeline. During this troubled period, Bishop Lambert was overthrown and replaced by Faramundus, who ruled the Bishopric of Tongeren-Maastricht for seven years.

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Cadre sympa, personnel aimable, mais service à l'image du nom du Resto : guignolesque et lent. Try the Suggestions Menu. This profile has been blocked after 3 incorrect log on attempts. This profile has not yet been activated. The Vita does not give details: sacked because of "iniquitous and false informations" raised against him, Lambert retired in the abbey of Stavelot. Cadre très agréable et on y mange très bien mais à déconseiller si vous êtes plus que quatre car on ne s'entend pas.

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