Chat rencontre sans abonnement burlington

chat rencontre sans abonnement burlington

of the month. of the month, after the modem had been received and processed in Ottawa. I call Distributel and explain the situation, that the modem is in the mail and was wondering if there was anyway the bill could be delayed a week or two, so that the modem would be received and I wouldn't be charged for the cost. After explaing the situation, YET again, and being on hold for another 5-10 minutes, he comes back and says Yes sir, you're entirely correct that we shouldn't have charged you for the modem the second time and that a computer glitch was at fault "it. The senior rep was speaking entirely too fast for me to understand, I even had to ask him to slow down at one point. His "compensation" was 5 off my bill for a few months after they take the credit I've already paid them. He goes on and explains how I now have a credit on my account for the cost of the modem. Funny, I really didn't even want the service after this experience. This time I call and speak to another rep, and explain the situation.


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I made the mistake of going on vacation right after upgrading my internet service, so I forgot to return the original modem for a week or two. How can you possibly have one customer service rep tell you one thing, to call back and have someone else tell you something entirely different? Which often happens when i try and leave a call back, so i waited another 15 minutes to talk to another customer service person, just to wait another 10 minutes to talk to a senior customer service rep. In the middle of the month, distributel charges me again for the modem!

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